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Who we are


Mission - Proudly recognize and support those roles responsible for the environment of a child.

Vision - Unity today through a common commitment to every child.  Unity tomorrow through every child’s hope in their future.

Story - 2020 has redefined for the world what a critical profession is.  Among the elevated, Educators.  Kvell is proud to support this critical group in a way never attempted before.  Designed to show them the recognition they deserve for a status that matters. 

About – As a U.S. military member, I know what it means to be proudly supported by this Nation.  It is not uncommon for someone to thank you for your service in a variety of ways.  There is another critical asset on a very different kind of frontline and deserving of that exact showed appreciation, our educators.  They spend an enormous amount of time inspiring the hearts and minds of the vast majority of our nation’s children.  There’s just one problem, Educators don’t wear uniforms…

The Way – Available as Kvell’s elev8 series watch or as an Apple Watch band, yellow will be exclusively for educators to wear.  Supporters, you get gray.  If you see the yellow band out and about, show your appreciation.  Say thank you, buy their cup of coffee or maybe their meal.  Businesses, how about an educator discount! 

Inspiration – From the earliest forms of self-expression to a global industry, the wooden pencil powerfully represents an unassuming, yet profoundly influential tool found in the connection between educator and student.  As a tribute, you’ll notice a pencil takes shape for an aesthetically pleasing strap.  School bus yellow and charcoal gray will lead the way for color motivation.  A sharp combination of real wood and stainless steel complete the expression, ultimately showcasing a Status That Matters. 

elev8 Series – To keep things simple, on average 18 years is all we have as guardians to prepare a child for the path, defining who they will become.  Collectively that is what will define our country.  Unfortunately, not every child will maintain hope for the future…and that just isn’t good enough.  Starting with educators, let’s show just how proud we are of those that prepare the path for the child and keep hope alive.   

NATO Strap – This strap is the ideal choice due to its rich military tradition.  We stuck with the original 20mm design, using the highest quality nylon and PVD coated stainless steel available for such a strap.  It’s functional, durable and dependable ultimately giving you the chance to have some fun with a smart timepiece. 

Cause – Oh yeah, and with every watch purchased, 10% of the sales price (not proceeds) will be directed toward furthering this cause.  Speaking of furthering the cause, an educator will not be allowed to purchase this product.  If you as a supporter buy a watch or band, it will respectively fund a watch or band.  Or, you can just buy the watch or band for an educator of your choosing.