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Part 1.

The way.

The yellow elev8 band will be exclusively for Educators to wear.  Supporters, you get gray.  Residents, if you see the yellow elev8 band out and about, show your appreciation.  Say thank you, buy and Educator a cup of coffee or maybe their meal…or even share a story of how an Educator changed your life.  Take a photo and post it. #elev8them.  Businesses, how about an educator discount and if you see them wearing the yellow elev8 band…don’t even make them ask for it!  

Part 2. 

 Let’s not make Educators purchase their recognition!

How?  Well it’s simple really.  

Purchasing a Watch or Band – Gives an Educator a Watch or Band


Either you choose the Educator to give the Watch/Band to OR the elev8 fund receives a credit.

elev8 fund credits can be used by ANY Educator upon verification to get their Watch or Band.

First Come First Serve…Waitlist?


Educators, if you have already received a watch/band, pay it forward to another Educator. 

That’s it.   

Oh yeah...and 10% of SALES PRICE will be donated to ____________. 

*Just in case you were wondering, Educators include any employee of a school from K-12th