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Frequently asked questions

For Kvell’s ISD Programs, who is considered an Educator?

Any employee of a K-12 school. We believe it is critical to recognize all of the roles responsible for the environment of a child in our education system.

What type of movement and battery does my Kvell watch have?

Your Kvell watch is equipped with a Miyota 2035 movement, a division of Citizen Watch Co., LTD. It contains a SR626SW battery equivalent.

What is the best way to clean my nylon band (NATO strap/Apple Watch Band)?

There are a couple of good options. You can wash by hand or with your laundry. Either way, only use cold water as hot can damage the nylon weave. If you choose to wash your strap by hand, using a hand soap or a gentle dish soap like dawn to create a lather with your thumbs works well. If you wash your strap in the laundry, a gentle cycle is preferred and it might be a good idea to put it in a mesh bag or attach it to another garment so you can find it easily.

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