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Our Why

Status over time: Our Nation’s history includes a brilliant transition over time to being great supporters of our military and first responders. As a present day member of the Armed Forces, serving for over 12 years now, I have witnessed the most original forms of kindness and recognition. While it’s not why we serve, the status afforded and public support directly affects our ability to be focused on the mission.

Perfect timing: Now, it’s time for another public servant to join the group. Largely unrecognized, it is our Educators that collectively make one of the most significant contributions to this Country. They navigate a very different kind of mission with responsibility for America’s most precious asset, our children. The reality is that we do not let other Nationally recognized and critical professions do this alone, so why are we letting our Educators?

Using time well: A major difference - Educators do not wear uniforms. That’s the problem Kvell is solving. Uniquely inspired by the yellow pencils we all used in school, our elev8 timepieces are designed to set Educator and Advocate apart from the crowd. Educators, like our military and first responders in uniform, we can now spot you! Advocates, by wearing the watch, let’s show our Educators in every way possible just how much we value them.

Only so much time: Children spend more awake hours with Educators than they do at home. With only 18 years to impact the life of a child, we can quickly see why elevating our Educators is so crucial. Whether a child comes from the best of environments or the worst of environments, an Educator’s time with all of them is meaningful. For a child that comes from a broken environment, an Educator may be the only reason that a child keeps hope alive for their future.


Enough time spent here: Here is our promise to our Educators and Advocates. With your help and commitment to wear the Kvell elev8 series of Watches and Apple Watch Bands, Kvell will proudly and relentlessly educate our communities. Together, let’s make a common commitment to one of this Nation’s most critical professions for a status that matters.


Josh Taylor, Founder 

Furthering the why

Where are we at this time: Based on a PISA worldwide education study, the United States ranks number 25 out of 78 countries. Parent or not, the ability to globally compete should be very alarming for the America to which we aspire. So let’s start with what the results do not reflect. They are not a reflection of our Educators - who pour their hearts into this Country's children while navigating secondary trauma and compassion fatigue. The results very much reflect though how this Nation pours into our Educators.



Time to join the top 10: One of the greatest commonalities of the top 10 countries on the PISA study is how their Educators are treated on par with Doctors, Engineers and other critical professions. In other words, equitable salaries and societal status are afforded. To join the top 10, we as a Country must start to see and value one of our most unrecognized assets, our Educators.